I’m currently sitting in bed, and usually when this happens, I begin to dive deep into my brain. Thoughts begin to appear and one leads to another, then another, and then another. Eventually, I dig this deep hole of contemplation that is difficult to climb out of. It’s hard to face the realities of what this world brings; it’s too much to keep track of. It’s funny to think that prior to this pandemic we’re experiencing, we were still stressed amidst everything going on in our busy lives. With this adopted notion, we get sick of ourselves and those around us. However, every sickness has a cure, and I’d like to share mine. 

I’m obsessed with stand-up comedy, which I feel is a lost art today. I understand why since we don’t have a screen flashing constantly at us and must rely on human interaction which many feel uncomfortable doing. This is the precise reason why I love it so much. Comedy takes advantage of our human nature and reveals to us the pinnacle of our existence: laughing and sharing with others. Combine this with the powerful, controversial messages a comic may bring, and you got yourself a good show. Comedy pushes boundaries and breaks rules, allowing us to move forward and not be stagnant. It has been said numerous times that laughter is the best medicine, and I’d like to prescribe some of my own doses to those who are interested.

1. Sam Morril

Probably has the coolest voice ever along with some great punchlines. He describes himself best by saying, “[s]ome of these jokes you’re not gonna like, but structurally they’re really solid…”

This special can be seen on YouTube; it was my first introduction to him.

2. Josh Sneed

A very sarcastic delivery with the harsh truths that come with people watching, Josh is the embodiment of things we’ve always wanted to say but never can.

This special can also be seen on YouTube.

3. Anthony Jeselnik

I’ve always enjoyed dark humor, and listening to Anthony means diving into some of the most twisted stories I’ve ever heard. Quick one-liners with his deadpan presence make him more than just memorable.

While there are clips of him online, you can listen to some full specials on iTunes, Spotify, or really support comics by getting a CD.

4. Josh Blue

As someone who also has cerebral palsy, Josh Blue provides the perfect perspective of a disabled person in a light-hearted way. I had the honor of seeing him live as my first comedy show. I definitely got my money’s worth!

Like with Anthony, you can listen to his specials on iTunes or Spotify. However, by downloading the Dry Bar Comedy app, you can view a full special.

5. Brian Regan

Saving the best for last, Brian was the main reason I became interested in comedy. Comedy can be so much more than talking in front of people and actions always speak louder than words. Brian is a true testament to this and does so while providing clean material, making his routines totally relatable.

You can view his “I Walked on the Moon” special on YouTube. I was going to see him perform in Nashville, but COVID hit and money was tight. Hopefully, you will see why I like him so much.

There are so many others that could’ve made this list, but these people I find to be the most memorable. Much of my humor and jokes are influenced by this group and this is a good way to get to know how I act in person. It’s my hope that these folks make you laugh as much as I do!

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